How is flower pollen being harvested?

The bee pollen which the bees wear on their hind legs is harvested
with a pollen trap between the soil and the bee colony.

The bees fly through the hole in their beehive. There they climb through a pollen grid,
which strips the bees from part of the pollen load.
The bees are not being damaged at all by that. The pollen traps are used only during the main flowering time with their large pollen supply.


The stripped pollen loads fall into the pollen drawer, which is emptied by the beekeeper every evening. The collected pollen is immediately frozen. After the end of the pollen harvesting season, the flower pollen is gently processed by the Swiss Pollen Beekeepers Association to the already known dried “Swiss Flower Pollen” and the new frozen fresh pollen “Fresh – Swiss – Pollen”, packed under protective atmosphere.

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