Swiss Fresh Pollen

Fresh - Swiss - Pollen

Every evening, the beekeeper’s harvested bee pollen is immediately frozen. At the end of the pollen season collection, the pollen is gently processed by the Swiss Pollen Beekeepers Association and packaged under a protective atmosphere to frozen Fresh - Swiss - Pollen.


Fresh - Swiss - Pollen


Shipping and handling of fresh pollen? Fresh - Swiss - Pollen will be shipped exclusively from Monday to Wednesdy.
The limited shipping days (no shipping on Thursday and Friday!) result from the fact, that the Fresh - Swiss - Pollen needs to be stored frozen or must be consumed within 3 days from receipt.
Please make sure you are there to receive your packet. Otherwise please inform a neighbour about the arrival of this packet. Fresh - Swiss - Pollen store frozen at -18 degrees.
You can do this in the supplied bag or you fill the fresh pollen into a container suitable for freezing.
Always take only as much pollen as is needed for consumption, then store the remaining fresh pollen in a deep frozen place. 

Here you can download the flyer to Fresh - Swiss - Pollen,
or order Fresh - Swiss - Pollen for CHF 31.90 per 300 grams in a bag.

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